Habitat & Conservation

As a company that built its reputation on making communities safe, secure and comfortable, Honeywell is committed to creating lasting solutions to the energy, water, air quality, and habitat conservation and restoration challenges facing communities across the globe. In partnership with local environmental organizations, we create programs that inspire students to become environmental stewards within their own communities, and provide educators with innovative teaching techniques to engage students in their local ecosystems. Safe and sustainable environments give our kids cleaner and healthier neighborhoods in which to learn.

Honeywell Institute for Ecosystems Education

In partnership with the Maryland Department of Education, the Honeywell Institute for Ecosystems Education (HIEE) program works with teachers to develop creative methods to bring environmental science to life in the classroom. HIEE takes science and social studies teachers through an exploratory tour of their local ecosystem and gives them the opportunity to learn and share ideas with professionals and scientists in the environmental field and to model lessons and teaching techniques that support each state’s Core Curriculum Content Standards.  Since 2011, 89 teachers from 20 of Maryland’s 24 school districts have participated in the HIEE sharing environmental science with more than 9,200 students in their schools.

Since 2010, Maryland Summer Center and HIEE have hosted more than 300 students at the Horn Point Laboratory in Cambridge, Maryland, for an engaging six-day program that combines classroom instruction with diverse outdoor experiences. Students work alongside scientists to collect and analyze data related to the management of the Chesapeake Bay’s natural resources. This program provides students with advanced, rigorous, experiential learning opportunities that nurture their talent and abilities within unique, educational environment.

Learn more about how to apply to the Maryland program.

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