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Honeywell Humanitarian Relief Fund (HHRF)

Honeywell Humanitarian Relief Fund (HHRF)

Honeywell Humanitarian Relief Fund (HHRF)

When a natural disaster strikes, the Honeywell Humanitarian Relief Fund (HHRF) is at the forefront of relief efforts, delivering immediate, direct assistance to employees and communities in need. Since 2005, thousands of employees have donated more than $9 million – which was matched by Honeywell – to help victims of natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, flooding and hurricanes.  We help where help is needed most.

In partnership with organizations such as Operation USA, Honeywell Humanitarian Relief Fund has addressed both the immediate and long-term needs of affected communities around the world.


Super Typhoon Haiyan (November 2013)

When Super Typhoon Haiyan slammed into the Philippines in 2013, more than 1,800 Honeywell colleagues immediately responded to this tragedy by making generous donations to the Honeywell Humanitarian Relief Fund (HHRF). Our focus has been on rebuilding a local primary school that was devastated by the storm. Working with partner Operation USA, Honeywell broke ground for the new school this summer 2014 and the Grand Opening Ceremony of Honeywell Ngolos School will be held in January 2015. The new school will serve 250 kids in grades 1-6. It will feature eight classrooms, two bathrooms, an administrative office, a small playground with a basketball court and a multi-purpose room. The entire school can be used as evacuation center for the community of Guiuan in the event they face another emergency or natural disaster.


Colorado Springs Wildfires (2012 and 2013)

After wildfires ravaged Waldo Canyon and the Black Forest in Colorado Springs in 2012 and 2013, Honeywell provided displaced employees with immediate financial assistance to help them cope with temporary living arrangements and home repairs and to support community rebuilding efforts. In October 2013, Honeywell donated more than $250,000 in First Responder Equipment to replace outdated gear for six volunteer fire departments, and provided cash donations to six other volunteer fire companies that bravely fought the Colorado Springs wildfires.

• Press Release: Honeywell Honors Colorado Springs Volunteer Fire Departments for Bravery During the 2012 – 2013 Wildfires
• Honeywell Now: Honeywell Donates Equipment to Colorado Springs Volunteer Fire Departments


Hurricane Sandy (2012)

After Hurricane Sandy struck the northeastern United States in 2012, Honeywell Humanitarian Relief Fund provided immediate cash assistance for food, clothing, and shelter to Honeywell employees who had been temporarily displaced due to significant damage to their homes, as well as additional financial assistance to employees to support their home repair and rebuilding efforts.  Honeywell also donated more than $600,000 in first responder gear to the Nassau County Office of Emergency Management in Long Island, New York, including protective footwear, gloves, hoods and helmets designed to weather the most arduous conditions these first responders faced. Honeywell also flew in more than 2,000 pounds of baby products and supplies to Staten Island Medical Center.  We’re there for each other.

• Press Release: Honeywell Donates First Responder Products for Hurricane Sandy Relief and Recovery Efforts

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami (2011) 

Honeywell and our predecessor companies have been doing business in Japan for more than a century, and after the country was ravaged by an earthquake and tsunami in 2011, we were ready to help them regain a sense of security and peace of mind.  In 2013, Honeywell and Operation USA completed the Honeywell Ibasho House, an elder care community center in Ofunato, Japan, to support local residents still reeling from the devastating events of 2011. The Japanese word “Ibasho” means ‘a place where one feels at home.’

“Honeywell is committed to helping Japan rebuild this community,” said Honeywell Chairman and CEO Dave Cote, who hosted the opening ceremony in 2013. “As we express good will for the people of Ofunato on this opening day, it is our hope that the Honeywell Ibasho House will serve its community’s elders with healthcare and social programs for generations to come.”

In addition to the Ibasho House, Honeywell provided relief to Japan in several ways:

  • Donating safety gloves and other personal protective equipment for workers removing rubble
  • Providing the specialized adsorbent ion exchange products needed to to clean up radiation-

contaminated water at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

  • Honeywell also provided its T-Hawk™ unmanned micro air vehicles, which were used to fly over affected areas in search and rescue missions.

Press Release: Honeywell Breaks Ground on Elder Community Center in Ofunato, Iwate
Honeywell Now: Honeywell Breaks Ground on Elder Community Center in Ofunato, Iwate
Press Release: Honeywell Announces The Opening Of “Honeywell Ibasho House” In Ofunato, Iwate

These and other meaningful and timely actions offer our colleagues and communities hope and assistance as they recover from difficult circumstances around the world.

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